I Have a Brand New Poem in Issue #1 of NonBinary Review

Dear fellow readers and writers:

I am so proud that my poem, “Blancanieves” (which some of you have heard me read), has been included in Issue #1 of NonBinary Review–themed around Grimm’s fairy tales.

The caveat is that the issue *FOR NOW* can only be accessed through the iPad, but the editors are planning to soon make it available on the iPhone and Android-operated devices.

I really hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed reading them. Download the issue here, via Zoetic Press.

Thank you for following my blog, and feel free to share any news happening on your end!

Much love,


2 Poems Published on Cartridge Lit

Dear Readers:

Two of my poems, inspired by video games, can now be read over at Cartridge Lit.

Let me know what you think of them. If you have more time, there’s also other great work you can check out on their site.

Thank you for the love, and keep on writin’!


2 Poems Featured in Compose Journal

Dear Readers:

Two of my poems — “Marsh” and “Metal” — have gone live over at Compose Journal.

I hope you enjoy them!

Much amour,


“In Defense of Contaminated Poems” for #NPM14

Dear Readers:

Though you rarely see me around these parts, this doesn’t mean I haven’t been actively writing. I’ll always appreciate you and this forum for allowing me to become more aware of my writing instincts.

This month, to celebrate (Inter)National Poetry Month, I’ve contributed a piece entitled, “In Defense of Contaminated Poems.” It’s a piece that tries to tackle the issues and pleasures that arise from Spanglish/multilingual poetry.

Also, I have at least 4 poems that will come out next month in different literary journals. I will make sure to share those links, too.

Again, thank you for reading! Keep on keepin’ writing!



Have you

ever felt

your teeth

bite into

borrowed time?

Red Savina Review Has Just Published One of My Poems

Dear Readers:

Of all the poems I’ve written, “Manatee” is definitely one of my favorites, and it has just gone live via Red Savina Review.

Thank you for reading and for all your support!


Poem Currently Featured in The Acentos Review

Dear Readers:

The Acentos Review has published one of my poems, which you can check out here.

Thank you for reading and for your support.




Perfect circles on the water

Waldo follows a trail of ants

Leaves orbit at twilight


Only by putting a bone
Above a bone above
A bone can we find
What’s beyond

The promise